What Next For Fashion?

The leadership trends

Fashion is at a turning point. The world is changing, from how we consume to how we design and produce. For a fashion business to survive into this new era true leaders are required.  

The CO Leadership Awards surfaced six key trends that will drive the fashion industry forward in 2019. Below are the highlights, or head over to Common Objective to read the full article.

  1. Laser-sharp luxury focus

Luxury and design-led brands are choosing to focus on one single core value to begin with, so that they can focus on precise execution as well as communicating their values clearly to their consumers.

2. Next-gen upcycling

Brands such as Christopher Raeburn and E.L.V. Denim are challenging the outdated reputation of upcycling, turning it into a highly skilled and desirable fashion design practice that delivers catwalk-worthy creations.

3. Recycled plastic could be fantastic

Although there are still issues concerning the shedding of microfibres, many brands are embracing recycled synthetics, especially in the athleisure sector.

4. Jean genies

Circularity and community impact are common themes arising in the denim industry, including brands that rent rather than sell jeans, and others that support women exploited by sex trafficking.

5. Seeing clearly with radical transparency

Smaller brands are using technology in ingenious ways, including scannable chips inserted into clothing, to ensure that their customers can find out more about how their garments were produced, and by whom.

6. Artisans mean serious business

86% of people say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support. Successful artisan brands and suppliers are leveraging this consumer trend by maintaining their authenticity whilst delivering quality products in a timely fashion that works for larger consumer market volumes.